About Super Chill.

Move and improve children’s well-being.

Super Chill is an organization that focuses on the well-being of children. Through our Super Chill App classroom yoga and mindfulness exercises, we help children cope with today’s normalized stress levels in primary education. Also, we want to work with teachers, schools, parents, and policymakers to address the real workload stress. Children’s well-being is the fundamental starting point because of its extensive positive influence on children’s development in- and outside classrooms.

The masterminds behind Super Chill.

Super Chill is an initiative led by Rituals Cosmetics and De Nieuwe Yogaschool. Johan Noorloos, the owner of De Nieuwe Yogaschool, worked as a primary teacher. He experienced both performance and work pressure first hand and saw the negative impact it had on children. Raymond Cloosterman, the owner of Rituals, has placed harmony and awareness at the center of people’s daily lives for years. Both Johan and Raymond want to offer the next generations something valuable through the power of mindfulness and yoga. By joining forces, they want to reach two million children worldwide by 2024.

The Super Chill board.

The Super Chill board consists of three superchilled professionals: Niki Schilling, Johan Noorloos, and Prof. Dr. Susan Bögels. Niki is Director Innovations at Rituals, Johan is author, yoga teacher, and owner of De Nieuwe Yogaschool, Susan is a professor in Family Mental Health at the University of Amsterdam.

Niki Schilling
Niki Schilling
Johan Noorloos
Johan Noorloos
Prof. Dr. Susan Bögels
Prof. Dr. Susan BögelsFoto by: Kee and Kee

The Super Chill Partners

We are super happy to work with these organisations. Each of them helps us towards our goal step by step. Click on their logo to learn more.

The Mindset Society.

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