General Questions

I can't download the app.The Super Chill app only supports a limited range of operating system. Make sure your device’s operating system is up to date. Try download the app again after you’ve updated your devices.

For iphone users, iOS 8 and above
For Andriod users, Andriod 4.1 and above.

I can’t open the link to the App Store / Playstore.Make sure you have a working internet connection.
I can’t find Super Chill in the App Store/Playstore.Make sure you are in one of the currently supported countries. (The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany or Czeck Republic)
Can I use the Super Chill app on my ipad or tablet?Though not made for tablets, changes are the app will work fine on your tablet. You can always connect to an internet browser, also the one on your iPad or Tablet. Just follow the instructions when pushing the ‘Afspelen op Digiboard’ button in each ‘Met je klas’ exercise.
How do I contact customer service?We can be reached at the following email address, info@superchill.org and feedback / questions
and problems can also be sent in the app via the ‘Feedback’ option (to be found in ‘Instellingen’).
When and for what should I use which exercise?You can use the exercises whenever you, as a teacher, need them. You don’t need any knowledge or preparation to use the exercises. It’s entirely up to you and the needs of yourself and/or your pupils. Each exercise has a description which will inform you on the goal/outcome and kind of exercise. The categories in the app direct you to an advised moment to use each exercise, however you are free to mix and match. Sometimes your classroom will need a kick-start at the middle of the day or you need to slow down a stressed classroom first thing in the morning.
Can I continue to use the app without an account?You get 5 freely available exercises of your choice if you don’t have an account. These 5 will remain available to you. It is, however, not possible to use new (future) exercises nor all features without an account. With an account, you will gain full access to all the content for free.
Why can't I download or find the app in the App store / Playstore?The app is currently available in the following countries;
– The Netherlands
– Belgium
– Germany
– Czech Republic
If you are not in one of these countries, you can unfortunately not download the app at this time.
Another reason why you cannot download the app may be that your Android or iOS version is not supported. The minimum OS versions are as follows;
– iOS – 8.0
– Android – 4.1
Update your smartphone to the latest software and download and install the Super Chill app again
Are there any costs associated with the app?The Super Chill App is entirely free of charge. There are no costs associated with the purchase or use of the app. No in-app costs.
My Huawei or Honor device cannot find the app, what now?Due to a trade embargo imposed by the United States, new Huawei devices can no longer download the app. This is currently not yet offered in the Huawei App gallery. On Huawei phones that are from 2019 or older, the app should be available via the Google Play Store https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.superchill.superchill.
Where can I download the app?The app can be downloaded in the App Store for iOS devices and in the Google Play Store for Android devices. For download links see our webpage https://superchill.org/en/our-app/

Digibord and connectivity

Can I use chromecast or airplay with this app?No, this is currently not supported, however it is in the planning for the future.
Do I need internet connection when I use the app?Yes, when using the app, content is being loaded from the internet to make sure the app doesn’t take a huge amount of your phone’s storage.
The app does not show videos, audio or imagesMake sure you have a working internet connection. If you do, the app may be experiencing a crash. You can fix this by “force quitting” the app (completely closing it) and restarting it. Instructions for Apple devices: https://support.apple.com/en-gb/HT201330. Instructions for Android devices: this differs per device, see the user manual of your device.
Which account is the app linked to?This can be confusing at times: there is the account you use on your phone (the Apple ID or your Google ID). All your apps that you download are linked to this account. In addition, there is also an account with which you register with Super Chill with an email address of your choice. This can be the same account as your Apple ID or your Google ID. However, you can also enter e.g. your work email. It is important that when you contact support that you know this specific e-mailadres, so we can better assist you.
Video does not play / stops playing.For video playback, a stable and active internet connection is required. Should the video stop playing after it has started, try to open and replay the video again. If the video does not play at all, this is probably due to your internet connection, try playing the video again at a different time or on a different network. If the problem persists, please contact support or send feedback via ‘Instellingen → Feedback’ in the app.
Do I need a real Digiboard to play the exercises in my classroom?No, any (large) (TV) screen, whether or not connected to a computer, will work. Most importantly, your screen should have an internet connection and web browser. Open https://superchill.web.app/#/ and enter the code on your phone, generated by the ‘Afspelen op Digiboard’ button to start the stream.
Digiboard connection / code does not work.If the connection / code does not work, try again by closing the current exercise and opening the connection screen again – via pushing the ‘Afspelen via Digiboard’ button. Also reload the Digibord webpage https://superchill.web.app/#/ and enter the new code.
If the problem persists, please contact support or send feedback in the app via ‘Instellingen → Feedback’.

Account management and privacy

Who has access to my details?Your privacy and information is our priority, we will not share and distribute your data without your permission. Please refer to our privacy policy documents to find out more about it
How can I opt out from the research study?Please send an email to info@superchill.org requesting to opt out of the research. We will inform the research team and you will no longer receive any information regarding the research.
How can I delete my account?Head over to your Super Chill app, within settings, click on account details. Once you click on the delete accounts button, your account will be deleted.