The Super Chill App.

Investing in your (pupils’) well-being doesn’t cost a thing. No time, no money. Download the Super Chill App and get started straight away!

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100% relevant, created with and for teachers

Easy to use on your Digiboard

Improve focus

Less stress, more harmony

Better atmosphere in the classroom

Enhance emotional awareness

Improve executive functions

Boost creativity and innovative thinking

Super Chill exercises for each classroom.

The App offers a beautiful mix of easy Super Chill exercises; inspired by mindfulness and yoga. To provide what is needed – and possible – in a classroom. Use the App to start the day, deal with stressful moments, or boost your pupils’ spirit when focusing is hard.

Created with and for teachers, 100% relevant.

We work closely together with teachers, as they know best what they are dealing with. A deliberate choice to ensure the App always caters to the real needs of both children and teachers. As such, the exercises can quickly become a part of the daily routine at school and won’t cost teachers any extra time.

Based on daily social-emotional situations.

A classroom is a mini-society. The App’s exercises match the social-emotional dynamics at schools. They support children in performing their daily cognitive tasks. And they increase children’s self-reflection, empathy, social flexibility, creativity, innovative thinking, awareness, and understanding of different cultures—all particular skills necessary in today’s and tomorrow’s world.