The well-being of children.

Carefree children perform better.

Everyone loves children. Yet, our society often expects them to perform, even at the expense of their well-being, happiness, joy, peace, and mental and physical health. Research indicates that an increasing number of children struggle with burn-out, depression, anxiety disorders, and behavioral problems due to the pressure exerted on them. Moreover, this pressure doesn’t even make them perform better.The pressure to perform – as part of Early Life StressConsiderable research has been done on how children develop stress and possible (long-term) effects. This research by the Dutch Centre for Youth Health in collaboration with Maastricht University provides an excellent overview of how stress in (young) children – Early Life Stress – occurs and why it should be kept to a minimum. has a proven negative and long-term effect on, among other things, a child’s ability to focus, absorb knowledge and develop social-emotional skills, creativity, and innovative thinking. Using all (scientific) insights, we can do a much better job dealing with this together!

Give children social skills and resilience. And they’ll grow up to be successful and happy adults. That’s not just our belief; it has been proven by scientists over and over again. We need to teach children how to deal with themselves, each other, fortune, and failure. And we need to provide them with a sense of belonging. If we teach our children those skills, achievements will follow naturally. Through our App and continuous collaboration with education professionals, we work on children’s social-emotional skills, a good atmosphere in class, creativity, and innovative thinking. In addition to the traditional curriculum, we want ‘soft skills’ to become a fixed part of primary education. Our worldThis essay by the World Economic Forum on ‘Schools of the Future’ explains in detail what the next generations can expect and what they will need. Current teaching methods do not yet generate the skills required to meet future challenges in a healthy way. is globalizing and digitizing at a rapid pace. And that means that social dynamics are becoming increasingly important.