The well-being of teachers.

Een happy leerkracht is een super leerkracht.

We all believe that good education falls or stands with good teachers. Nonetheless, their workload has been far too massive for years. More and more teachers feel stressed, do not enjoy their work, and believe this pressure affects their interaction with pupils. And that is not surprising. There is a large shortage of teachers, wages are low, and workdays are far too long. Cheerful, relaxed teachers are potent drivers of children’s development and prove essential for their future success. Happy teachers are super important for our children. They support their growth and help them do better in the future. ScienceVarious research shows that teachers experience an extremely high level of work stress. Both TNO and DUO concluded that the Dutch primary education deals with a relatively large number of burn-outs due to tremendous work stress. agrees with us; we need to take better care of our teachers.

We are also working on the well-being of teachers.

Many teachers are currently under continuous pressure. There are several external causes for this. We can only tackle these problems if we all work together. With our App, we can, quickly and significantly, increase the joy of your job, improve interaction with and between children, and enable them to perform better under the current circumstances.  Simultaneously, we will work closely with teachers, parents, organizations, and policymakers to really change the education system and structurally reduce the workload stress.