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At Super Chill, our app is not just made for teachers—it’s built together with teachers. That’s why we encourage your participation!

We believe that accessing tools for children’s mental well-being should be accessible to all kids, regardless of location, faith, abilities or aspiration.

We also believe that empathy, resilience and creative thinking are important for early childhood development.

Super Chill is dedicated to working with like-minded teachers who want to help create a great experience and can inspire other teachers.

Curious to learn more? Have ideas to share? Join us!

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How does it work?

Sign up below to join our community. New ambassadors will receive an invite to join our private WhatsApp group where we share short, practical questionnaires (usually once a month).

We also organise (virtual) brainstorms to gather your input regarding our policies, programs and areas of improvement. We incorporate your ideas and initiatives because that’s how we grow. Your input helps us reach our goal of creating great programs that benefit a mentally balanced young generation.

Together with other Super Chill ambassadors, you inspire colleagues to help create a balanced atmosphere for children at school.

We appreciate our ambassadors and want to create a pleasant, relaxed experience. We take great care of our ambassadors too. Each new sign up will receive fun gadgets, promotional materials and an information package.