Cuz we’re cooler when we’re chill.

Time to bring a halt to the skyrocketing stress levels in primary education! When children are less stressed, they will be smarter and happier. They’ll absorb more knowledge and be more creative. Together with teachers, Super Chill wants to bring extra fun, better results, and a sense of adventure to classrooms! So teachers… hop onto the Super Chill App.

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Well-being children
Well-being teachers

Teachers… hop onto the Super Chill App.

As a whole, our society could do with a little less stress, but let’s start in our classrooms. We worked closely with over 100 teachers to create the Super Chill App. New-style yoga exercises to help alleviate the feeling of pressure on the children and yourself. And the great thing is, our App is free, and using it won’t cost you any extra time.

Our App

Reduce workload stress in education.



The App reduces the mental pressure that both you and your pupils experience. But the actual stress also needs to be lessened. We can’t do this alone. That’s why we will join forces with teachers, parents, organisations, and policymakers to structurally change the educational system together. Over a 100 teachers have already joined. Join us and join the Super Chill Club.

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