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Time to Take Five

Tools for kids to energise, focus, and relax in the classroom and beyond.







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Are your pupils struggling to concentrate, too energetic or lacking focus? Take a moment to reset. Give your pupils a new perspective with Super Chill. Our free app offers exercises based on mindfulness and yoga techniques to help children overcome challenges related to stress, distractions, and (complex) emotions.

Super Chill has exercises that work anytime, anywhere for kids aged 4-12. Our activities help pupils develop valuable personal skills that benefit their well-being. Ready to build healthy routines in your classroom? Simply choose an exercise, connect to your Digiboard and get started today!

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of teachers experience more relaxed and focused pupils


of teachers are more relaxed in front of their group


of teachers recommend the app as a helpful, easy to use tool


Find inspiration and stay up to date on the science behind mindfulness and mental health for children.

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