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General Questions

  • Where can I download the app?

    You can download our app in the App Store for iOS devices and the Google Play Store for Android devices. For download links, check out

  • I have trouble downloading.

    At the moment, the Super Chill App is only supported on a limited range of operating systems. Make sure your device’s operating system is up to date. Try downloading again after updating your device.
    For iPhone: iOS 8 and above.
    For Android: Android 4.1 and above.

  • I can't open the link to the App Store/Play Store.

    Make sure you have a working internet connection.

  • I can't find Super Chill in the App Store/Play Store.

    Make sure you are in one of the currently supported countries: The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, or the Czech Republic.

  • Can I use the Super Chill App on my iPad or tablet?

    Yes, the app is also available on iPads and tablets.

  • How can I contact customer service?

    Do you have feedback or troubleshooting concerns to share? Please use the ‘Feedback’ option in our app. Go to ‘Instellingen’ and click on ‘Feedback’. Due to our system design, it is essential to receive your feedback exclusively through our app.

    For general questions, comments or user reviews, you can easily reach us via email at

  • How do I choose the right exercises?

    Teachers can mix and match Super Chill exercises to fit any time, anywhere throughout the school day. Our program is reliable and easy to use. No preparation is needed. Plus, every exercise includes a detailed description, technique and activity goal. Levels are also indicated. If you’re unsure which level you and your pupils are at, just select Level 1 and build up from there.

    Still unsure what to choose? Use the different categories within the app to find suggested exercises that match your needs—whether kick-starting the morning or calming down a stressed classroom.

  • Can I continue to use the app without an account?

    Without an account, you can only select and enjoy up to five Super Chill exercises.
    Here’s the good news… our app is free to download and use! Creating an account is the best way to utilise all of the wonderful features that Super Chill has to offer.

  • Are there any costs associated with the app?

    Super Chill is free to download, use, and enjoy! There are no costs associated with purchasing or using the app, and we do not have in-app fees.

  • My Huawei or Honour device cannot find the app. What can I do?

    Due to a trade embargo imposed by the United States, new Huawei devices can no longer download the app. Our app is currently not yet offered in the Huawei App gallery. On Huawei phones from 2019 or older, the app should be available via the Google Play Store.

Digiboard and Connectivity

  • Does the Super Chill App work with Chromecast or AirPlay?

    Yes, you can play the exercises directly on any screen via Log in with your app account and get instant access to all exercises!

  • Do I need an internet connection to use the Super Chill App?

    Yes. When using the app, content is loaded from the internet, so it uses less of your phone’s storage.

  • The app does not load videos, audio, or images.

    Please ensure that you have a working internet connection. If the app crashes, you can easily reset it by completely closing the app using ‘Force Quit’ and then start again. Check out the instructions for Apple devices. For Android, check out the user manual of your device.

  • Does the app automatically link to my email?

    All apps downloaded from the App Store or Google Play are automatically linked to the account used in your phone via Apple ID or Google ID. Every Super Chill account is linked to an email address of your choice. This can be the same email used as your Apple ID or Google ID, or you can choose a different account, including your work or school email. You’ll need to share the correct email address linked to your Super Chill account when contacting support.

  • The video does not play or stops playing.

    For video playback, the app requires a stable and active internet connection. Should the video stop playing after starting, try to open and replay the video again. If the video won’t play, this probably has to do with your internet connection. Try playing the video again at a different time or using another network. If the problem persists, please contact Customer Support or send feedback via ‘Instellingen → Feedback’ in the app.

  • The Digiboard connection does not work / the code does not work.

    Super Chill works with any large screen; it does not have to be connected to a computer. Your screen needs to have an internet connection and web browser.

    To connect and start streaming, there are two ways. Simply open and log in with your app account.

    Or select an exercise in the app, enter the code generated by the ‘Play on Digiboard’ button on your phone.

Account Management & Privacy

  • Who can access my personal details?

    Your privacy and information are our priority. We will not share or distribute your data without your permission. Please refer to our Privacy Policy to find out more.

  • How can I opt-out of the research study?

    If you have subscribed to join the study and no longer want updates, then you can easily request to opt-out. Please send an email to We will inform the research team, and you will no longer receive information regarding the study.Please note it can take up to 30 days to remove you from the system.

  • How can I delete my account?

    We are sad to see you go! Simply open the Super Chill App, go to ‘Instellingen’ and click ‘Account Details’. Then, click the ‘Delete Account’ button, and we will delete your account. If you change your mind, feel free to sign up again later.